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SIGEvo Summer School 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic, back-to-back with GECCO 2019. This page is also published in


July 10-12 (plus GECCO tutorials/workshops 13-14). It will take place in the Czech Technical University in Prague the days before the conference, with access to GECCO tutorials for those that have not registered for GECCO too.


SIGEVO is a special interest group of ACM always looking for new ways to enlarge the community of researchers working in different biologically inspired metaheuristics. The third SigEvo Summer School (S3), held in conjunction with GECCO 2019 in Prague, is looking for students.

The core of the third S3 will take place in Prague in the days previous to the conference, and will continue with tutorials the two first days of GECCO, although the bulk of the school will finish right before GECCO. That way, students will be able to enjoy and learn during the conference proper without the burden of having to work on the S3 projects. GECCO tutorials and workshops will be an integral part of the S3. You can register now in the GECCO registration site.

Students are expected to:

Students of the S3 will be eligible for travel, register and lodging grants of GECCO.

We specially encourage women and minorities to apply for this summer school, where everyone is welcome.


This year we’ll have a great set of mentors, that will deliver some lectures and also help to mentor the students in groups:


Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which is in campus Dejvice. This page describes where the summer school is going to take place.

There is a neighboring metro station Dejvicka, which is on the way from the airport to the city center.

We will be working in two rooms:

Here’s a floorplan of the site with the position of both rooms.

FELcafe and Room 82

The first day we will meet at Room 82.


We will be asking you to get into groups of maximum 5 people and work on a project of your choice.

Project ideas this year should ideally be based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, but they can also be related to anything from your own experience.

A few ideas (please add your own)



We will meet on July 10th in the venue, initially in Room 82.

Activities will run from 9 to five, with an hour pause for a working lunch at 12:30. Detailed timetable below

July 10th

We will meet at room 82 of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, campus Dejvice

July 11th

We will meet initially at room 82 of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, campus Dejvice

July 12th

Meeting at FELCafe

July 13-14th

GECCO tutorials and workshops, as advised by mentors, taking place at GECCO venue.

More information

Any comments or questions on the school organization, please contact JJ Merelo (